ServerNovapolis I
a *** Novapolis I - QUEST 6h - ***
# Company Start CV Money Income Players
1 ITR 1973 1,015,981 £ 466,823 £ 219,538 £ 4 88 0 0 0 IgoreLLo
Novapolis IINovapolis IIINovapolis IVNovapolis V
a *** Novapolis V - CITY-BUILDER 3h - ***
# Company Start Goal Value CV Money Income Players
2 SJF Transport 1985182 pop 5,847,784 £ 1,424,153 £ 688,007 £ 33 97 40 0 0 SJF
3 fOur2O Transport 1985220 pop 1,203,167 £ 623,914 £ 385,562 £ 7 5 14 0 0 fOur2O
4 lops Transport 1986242 pop 90,877 £ 37,287 £ -118,876 £ 2 5 0 0 0 lops, lopez
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Map size: 512x512512x512512x5121024x10241024x1024512x512512x512512x512
Start: 1970-01-011975-01-011980-01-011980-01-011985-01-011990-01-011980-01-011980-01-01
Date: 1982-05-172000-08-191980-01-011987-12-141988-07-071993-07-151992-05-161980-01-01
Companies: [8]1/150/150/150/143/140/140/140/14
Clients: [6]1/250/250/250/255/250/250/250/25
Upcoming Games
# Start End Details
6 00:00 02:55 City Builder 1985
7 00:00 00:58 Blitz 1985
3 00:00 02:55 Goal (AT) 1980
12 00:00 05:55 FIRS 1980
2 00:00 05:55 Quest ECS 1985

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Welcome to Novapolis OpenTTD servers, brought to you by Goulp Development Team.
Novapolis is the successor of the former Luukland's servers, best OpenTTD servers of their era

We run several patched OpenTTD servers where you can play:
1) Quests - Six hour game where you can try beating various tasks
2) Goals - Three hour games with goals like Company Value, Annual Turnover and more
3) City Builder - Three hours game of intense citybuilding
4) Blitz City Builder - One hour game of even more intense citybuilding

As a bonus you can register an account and follow your score at this website with extensive game statistics!
Introductory guidelines you might want to know when playing on Novapolis Servers are the Rules and FAQ with basics.

Money investment

14.04.2014 21:54


we purchased the main server upgrade!

50% of performace for mere 20% price increase!

Your nightmares about Novapolis servers future can begone for a long time as server is paid for whole year ahead and there are still reserves for another at least 15 months.

Enjoy happy times on bigger maps on City Builder servers! ECS and FIRS will be probably increased too soon.

The Dude

New is better

13.04.2014 12:19

Let me introduce several new things on Novapolis


We will be upgrading server hardware tomorow, which means we will have to close all games for the evening.


Because of server upgrade, maps on classic CB maps will have double size now. Maps were already changed in advance.


GS CB servers (14 to 17) were updated with GS script adapted to OpenTTD 1.4.0 version.

Significant changes are summed up at WIKI

Growth mechanism was changed to normal, which is very similar to our classic CB and funding buildings is now possible.


In May, we will do Spring FIRS CB event. You can sign up to it now.

The Dude

Of the future

02.04.2014 22:01

Our patchpack client is finished and ready in downloads sections.

With 1.4.0 online, you can expect new GS City Builder script on servers soon. This new script will make the CB playstyle closer to classic CB in a way, that funding buildings will be possible and growth without funding will be maybe little slower. It will also have some new little fancy features.

We were also endowed with rather larger sum of money. Follow forum for more details.

The Dude

One four zero

02.04.2014 00:07


April's fool event is done with who else than Shader winning, becoming this year's Master of Toyland. Everybody who missed this years only toyland event should mourn and this is not only because of the lovely map.

OpenTTD dev team have not dissapointed us again and released new nicy version. Novapolis are totally the first servers upgraded this time, so enjoy new things and probaly bugs in 1.4.0 and welcome in the new OpenTTD year.

You can download it at official site, our patched client will follow reasonably soon.

The Dude

Fooling around April

31.03.2014 16:42


it is already tomorow when a Toyland special occurs! There are still free places for you to join.

Also bear in notice, that because of yesterdays change to summer time, event will start at 20:00 CEST (GMT+2).

The Dude