Novapolis Client 1.5.0

Updated 2.4.2015, subrevision 1

Download source diff

Patched OpenTTD client with some handy features for playing on Novapolis Servers. Since the end of Novapolis games only diff of last provided version is here for download.
Prepared by Novapolis Team

Novapolis Citybuilder Client 1.2.3

Updated 7.11.2012


Simulates multiplayer city building experience for single player purposes. Windows binary, source diff and manual included.

Simple City Builder Game Script

Almost authentic reproduction of classic Novapolis/Luukland City Builder gamestyle made by The Dude of Novapolis team.
Script is currently running on several of our servers (NS14 to NS17) and is available to everyone. Play it in single player or setup your own server with City Bulder.
You can get it via OpenTTD online content or from OpenTTD web.