Terms of Use

First amendment is provider of leisure games by running patched Openttd server with goal and city builder features and of website to display client's achieved scores

By registering or playing on, you agree with the conditions of conditions claims no legal rights upon its clients as well as clients cannot claim any legal rights upon

Registering on is optional. But registered users can display achieved scores from game.

You can have only one account regirester. Any duplicite account will be erased.

Valid email address is required to register. Email address serves to validate your account. will not share your email address with 3rd parties.

By playing on you are obliged to follow the server rules and behave with respect to other players.

If you don’t follow server rules your account can be blocked or deleted, and access to game and website blocked.

Final statement takes no responsibility for legal accuracy of these Terms of use, neither for your gameplay experience, or for the availability of services.