Event name: Inter Galactic Tournament - 1st game

Tournament between BTPro, n-ice and Novapolis OpentTTD communities

Information without warranty.

Date : 22.9.2013 15:00 (22.09.2013 15:00 CEST)
Server : BTPro
Landscape : Sub Tropic
Map : Random
Map Size : 1024x1024
Start : 2000
Game duration: Until goal is reached
Goal : City-builder, 50 000 population
Game version : 1.3.2+

Additional rules :
BTPro rules will apply for the game.
Vehicle limitations: 500 500 50 0

Additional information :
BTPro rules Tournament forum
Tournament details
Town growth is dependant also on Company Town Rating

Be around IRC approximately one hour before start, there will be no waiting for late players.

BTPro Tournament game settings
BTPro Goal settings
Goal Value50 000Until goal is reached
Town population claim500 popbigger towns cannot be claimed
City Builder requirements per 1000 inhabitants
Passengers150At 0 pop
Mail37.5At 0 pop
Food75At 500 pop
Water75From 1000 pop
Goods75From 1500 pop
Map generation
Number of townsCustom(150)
Number of industriesHigh density
Max loan250 000 £
Smooth economytrue
Infrastructure maintenancefalse
Join stationstrue
Nonuniform stationstrue
Station spread7 tiles
Distant join stationsfalse
Trains weight multiplier1x
Train slope steepness3%
Max train length7 tiles
Train acceleration modelrealistic
Disable elrailsno
Plane speed1/4
Town growth rateNormal
Number of cities1/3
Initial city size3
town layout3x3
Allow removal of more Town partsfalse
Dist local authority20
Town can build roadsfalse
Fund roads reconstructionfalse
Fund buildingsfalse
station noise levelfalse
Exclusive rightsfalse
Multiple industries per townfalse
Funding primary industriesProspecting