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Event name: Inter Galactic Tournament - 3rd Game

Tournament between BTPro, n-ice and Novapolis OpentTTD communities

Information without warranty. Change of anything is reserved!

Novapolis Game settings :
Date : Sunday 17.11.2013 17:00 (17.11.2013 17:00 CET)
Server : Novapolis
Landscape : Temperate
Map : Random
Map Size : 1024x1024
Start : 1985
Game duration: 3h (12 years in game)
Goal : City-builder
Game version : 1.3.2+

Additional rules :
Standard rules
Vehicle limitations: 400 400 50 25 | Airports: 5

Additional information :
Registering is prior to playing at the Tournament.
By registering to the event you accept the ruless of BTPro, n-ice and Novapolis and the fact you read them.
Novapolis rules, tournament forum
N-ice rules, tournament forum
BTPro rules, tournament forum

# Company Players  
1 pl Shader, nl solo, de Mediv, ly Moriarte, nl netwerkkabel, fr darulezzz,  positive, pl pawel, nl Martin
Novapolis Tournament game settings (same as ordinary CB games)
Novapolis specialities
Goal Value100 000game is timebased, so higher values can be achieved
Town acceptance range30 tiles manhattanrange from town center, where cargo is accepted
Disable canalsyes
First station protectionyesfirst station has private zone around itself
Town storage4storage capacity is equal to 4x requirements
Disable sell check3 yearsfor first 3 years, vehicles can be sold only in home depot
Docks min distance10 tilesminimal distance between two docks
Max houses2Max houses that can be destroyed per month
Town pop claim250 popbigger towns cannot be claimed
Map generation
Number of townsCustom(200)Real amount might be lower than 200
Number of industriesextra densitytwice the High density (Novapolis feature)
Max terraform at once50
Terraform added per month20
Terrain TypeMountainous
Sea Levellow
VarietyVery High
Amount of riversnone
Max loan250 000 £
Give moneyfalse
Smooth economytrue
Allow sharesfalse
Infrastructure maintenancetrue
Nonuniform stationstrue
Station spread7 tiles
Adjacent stationstrue
Distant join stationstrue
Trains weight multiplier3x
Train slope steepness5%
Max train length7 tiles
Train acceleration modelrealistic
Disable elrailsyes
Plane speed1/4
Town growth rateNormalfrom year 5 Fast, from year 10 Very fast
Number of cities1/3
Initial city size1
town layout2x2
Dist local authority25
Town noise population500town with 4000pop will have noise limit 4000/500=8
Town can build roadsfalse
Fund roads reconstructionfalse
Fund buildingstrue
station noise leveltrue
Exclusive rightsfalse
Multiple industries per towntrue
Funding industriesSame as secondaryYou can fund any industry anywhere it is allowed
LLbasecost2Hard Preset
PCBserver303 2000 1 16 10 25CB extras, industries placement enhancements
LLtrainset999(ICE3 and TGV enabled)